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Revolutionizing Emergency Response: Uniting Diversity at Rapid ResQ

At Rapid ResQ, we're a diverse team united by a common purpose: to revolutionize the way we respond to emergencies. We're passionate about transforming the traditional approach to emergency assistance, driven by a shared belief that everyone deserves swift and accessible help when faced with unforeseen challenges.

Our Values

Empowering Safety, Innovation, and Trust in Emergency Response

Safety and Empathy

Rapid ResQ places the utmost importance on the safety and well-being of its users and responders. Every feature, decision, and action is guided by a commitment to ensuring the safety of individuals in times of emergency. With a deep understanding of the stress and urgency that accompany emergency situations, Rapid ResQ approaches every interaction with empathy and compassion. Whether it's a medical crisis, roadside breakdown, or any other urgent scenario, users can rely on Rapid ResQ for responsive and caring assistance..

Innovation and Accessibility

Rapid ResQ embraces innovation as a means of making emergency response more accessible and inclusive for everyone. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative solutions, Rapid ResQ strives to break down barriers and provide assistance to individuals in any location, language, or circumstance. The platform is continuously evolving to adapt to the changing needs of users and the advancements in technology. Through user-friendly interfaces, intuitive features, and seamless integration, Rapid ResQ ensures that emergency assistance is readily available to anyone who needs it

Trust and Reliability

Trust is the foundation of Rapid ResQ's relationship with its users and partners. The platform operates with transparency, integrity, and accountability at its core, earning the trust of individuals and communities alike. Rapid ResQ is committed to providing reliable and dependable services, delivering prompt and effective assistance whenever it's needed most. Users can have confidence in the platform's ability to deliver on its promises and provide the support they require during emergencies.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Emergency QR Code feature in Rapid ResQ is a unique tool that allows users to generate QR code containing essential medical information and emergency contacts. This QR code can be scanned by responders during emergencies to quickly access critical details about the user's health and medical history and contact User’s loved ones to inform.

Setting up your Emergency QR Code is simple. Just log in to your Rapid ResQ account, navigate to the Emergency QR Code section, and enter your medical information, emergency contacts, and any other relevant details. Once you've filled out the necessary information, you can generate your QR code and save it to your device or print it out for easy access.

Your Emergency QR Code can be accessed by authorized responders, including medical professionals, first responders, and Good Samaritans who are registered with Rapid ResQ. When you share your QR code during an emergency, only those with the Rapid ResQ app and proper credentials can scan it to view your medical information and emergency contacts.

Yes, your personal information is encrypted and securely stored within the Rapid ResQ platform. We prioritize the privacy and security of your data and implement robust encryption and security measures to protect sensitive information.

Absolutely! You can update your Emergency QR Code information at any time by logging in to your Rapid ResQ account and accessing the Emergency QR Code section. Simply make the necessary changes to your medical information or emergency contacts, and your QR code will be automatically updated with the new information.

Yes, you need an internet connection to send the push notification, but no internet is required to receive the notification. No, you do not need an internet connection to access your Emergency QR Code. Once you've generated your QR code in the Rapid ResQ app, it is stored in our server and on your device too the QR code can be accessed anytime offline.


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Our hard working team

Pruthvisinh Rajput

Pruthvisinh Rajput

Co-Founder & Chief Backend Developer

Specializing in robust server-side solutions, he optimizes Rapid ResQ's emergency QR code system for peak performance and data integrity. His dedication to evolving the backend infrastructure ensures swift and efficient responses during emergencies, underpinning Rapid ResQ's reliability.

Akash Yadav

Akash Yadav

Co-Founder & CEO

Passionate about enhancing emergency response through technology, I co-founded Rapid ResQ to transform access to critical medical information. With a diverse background in management and entrepreneurship, I lead Rapid ResQ with strategic direction and a commitment to making a positive global impact.

Hitesh Yadav

Hitesh Yadav

Co-Founder & CMO

Leading Rapid ResQ's strategic marketing, he leverages deep market insights and consumer understanding. His creative, data-driven approach boosts brand awareness, enhances customer engagement, and drives revenue growth effectively. His innovative strategies position Rapid ResQ as a market leader in emergency QR code solutions.

Laxit Ramani

Laxit Ramani

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

He spearheads the design and user experience at Rapid ResQ, prioritizing usability with visually appealing interfaces. His creative and innovative design approach ensures a seamless and delightful user experience, especially during stressful emergency situations.


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